See What's Going On In Oklahoma City

The Classen is perfect for those who want to live, work and play in the heart of Oklahoma City. The burgeoning Uptown district has emerged as one of the hottest neighborhoods in the heart of Oklahoma City. It’s lively, visually exciting, pedestrian-oriented, and fun! On top of that, you are just a stone’s throw away from the Downtown, Midtown, Film Row, Paseo, and Plaza districts. Living in The Classen means you get one of the most amazing views and central access to our vibrant and growing city.



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    Oklahoma City’s cozy Midtown community is located just north of downtown OKC’s City Center. It features shopping, restaurants, bars, housing, lodging, and many professional services. Midtown is known for its historic preservation, local and independent merchants, as well as diverse, welcoming neighbors.

    Midtown is a great place to gather and hosts a variety of events. The district is home to the Midtown Walkabout, Merry Midtown, Make Ready Market, The Holiday Pop-Up Shops, Pop!, and many more.



    Just east of OKC’s downtown business district is Bricktown, the city’s original warehouse and distribution center turned entertainment district. Founded just days after the Land Run of 1889, Bricktown was, and still is, a central hub connecting not only railroads and highways, but local citizens and visitors.

    This thriving urban district is now home to more than 45 restaurants, bars, and retail shops, along with family-friendly attractions, a plethora of public art, museums, galleries, and even an urban beach for summer fun. The diversity of businesses, educational institutions, housing and leisure activities in this area make it a true 24/7 destination, one of the most distinct and historic in OKC.